Frequently Asked Questions

Are e-scooters legal?

An e-Scooter is not classified as a moped (common use of name “Scooter”) where one seats on the transporter and neither does an e-Scooter provide continuous power. An electric Kick Scooter is more similar to a power assisted transporter.  Riders must comply with the local Road Traffic Act while riding e-scooters. Use of helmets and headlights while riding is compulsory. The speed limit is 15 km/h while riding on the foot path among pedestrians. The pedestrian has the right of way. We highly recommend you view the video to ensure your own safety before starting on your first ride. This can be viewed from our Facebook page.

Must View before Riding


  1. Wear a helmet at all times.  Use an approved bicycle or skateboard helmet that fits properly with the chin strap in place and protects the back of your head.


  1. Riding age :

18 years and above on for  all adult E-Scooters for except for the Inokim Mini this can be for a teen 12 Years and above.

  1. One rider use : E-Scooters are designed for a single user.
  1. Speed Limit  – keep to a maximum limit of 20 km and not over.   But be aware of your surroundings and set to appropriate speed.


  1. Ride sensibly :
  • Keep a look out for pedestrians and other riders on footpaths. Slow down and give way.
  • Slow down or get off and walk the E-Scooter on slippery, oily, icy surfaces or gravel or stairs or where needed.
  • If riding at night, wear reflective clothing and do have front and rear lights on the E-Scooter.
  • Avoid doing stunts. They are not for such purposes.
  • Keep a look out for traffic.


  1. Max weight load : These varies between E-Scooters. Eg
  • Inokim Mini 75kg
  • Inokim Light 1 95kg
  • Inokim Light 2 95 kg

The E-Scooter cannot sustain a lot of weight, and the consequences of the additional weight can mean imbalances or other mishaps.


  1. The laws – please comply with all applicable local and national traffic, insurance and helmet laws, including not riding while under the influence of alcohol.   Keep abreast with such laws.


  1. Do not use your mobile phone while riding.
  1. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear – ensure loose clothing can be secured in place to ensure nothing gets caught in the wheels.   Do not ride the E-Scooter barefoot.


  1. Water resistant but not waterproof. Do not immerse E-Scooter in water with a depth of more than 4 cm.


  1. Check weather conditions. Do not ride scooter on icy surfaces, during high winds and heavy rain.


  1. Maintain your E-Scooter well. Do not ride your E-Scooter if it is not functioning properly.  Check brakes, tyres, lights and controller etc that they are in good working condition


  1. Battery :
  • Avoid overcharging the battery, especially leaving it to charge overnight.
  • Place them on hard flat surfaces to allow optimal dissipation of heat
  • Do not place charging battery near combustible materials


  1. Be very familiar with operating your E-Scooter.


  1. Read your E-Scooter Manual


Happy Riding.   Do Not Take Safety Lightly


Prolong Battery Life span:

  • Never completely drain battery power. This will reduce the battery life of your scooter.
  • Gauge battery power from the battery bar, trip meter and acceleration power of the scooter.
  • The best time to charge the battery again is when the battery is half empty.
  • It is ok to overcharge the battery for more than the recommended hours.
  • If you are not using your e-Scooter for more than a few weeks, charge up the battery to full before you leave the electric kick scooter in the storage.
  • If possible, charge it up once a month if there is very little use of the electric kick scooter.


Do you ship internationally?

We ship most of our scooters and accessories to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Shipping costs apply.

What is covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Our 12 months Manufacturer Warranty. Consumables such as fuses, brake pads, brake callipers, braking discs, tyres, tubes, brake cables and bearings are not covered under the limited warranty. Normal wear and tear: damages caused by abuse, accident or lack of reasonable care, non-observance of the instructions for use, poor maintenance, and modification of the product are not covered under the warranty.

Within the warranty period, buyer informs us of the faulty parts with video or picture and Scoozzi (Bikeme) will ship the replacement parts for free. We will provide instructions on how to replace the faulty parts. Alternatively, buyer can send the faulty products back to our service centre for free repairs but it must meet the following condition: buyer pays shipping cost to service centre and we pay the return cost.

Items replaced under warranty hold a 6 month 2000km warranty.

Recommended Service

Scoozzi will recommend to have the first service after 3 months or 1000km. and thereafter every 1500km. Each service is $60 but the first service is free if the owner could allow Scoozzi to post their comment on video.

General Service cost $60 which in lubes, bolts and nut checking, LCD checking, right pressure for tyre (if applicable), lights, clean and wipe. It does not include parts or adjustment of the components.

What are the available modes of payment?

Available modes of payment:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card (Visa/Master)

6 or 12 month instalment plans are available from Qcard and Gilrose. Conditions apply.

Look out for updates as other payment options will be made available soon.