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Welcome to Scoozzi.com.au!

Smartmotion Electric Bikes is the authorised main distributor for Scoozzi  in Australia
p: 0404 858 688
e: ian@smartmotionbikes.com.au

We Believe

Humanity still has a chance to evolve & create a sustainable, beautiful peaceful world.
We believe it’s our duty to leave the world in good condition for our children.
We believe every single person can make the change in that direction.

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We Design

The leading edge of Light and Foldable Electric Scooters
A range that caters for riders with different needs
with power & distance, VRS, light weight & compactness.

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We Protect

MYWAY started as a garage project in 2009.
An award winning designer, Nimrod Sapir, set about finding
solutions to the challenge of commuting from A to B with
minimal time and effort, while reducing the carbon footprint of
car-use in urban environments.


eScoozzi ANZ Pty Ltd management started 8 years ago as Bikeme Ltd in a small town in Orewa and we have since grown. With eScoozzi, we now embrace the concept of last mile solutions which will allow ordinary Australian Commuters to integrate Inokim Electric Scooters with common public transport such as Ferries, Buses, Trains and Cars.

Currently, eScoozzi has more than 70 Dealers and Service Centres providing consultation and services for Inokim Scooter riders. Most of our dealers started as mechanical bicycle shops and they understand the concept of safety, reliability and efficiency in their repairs. They will look after your interest and your well-being.